Saturday, August 7, 2010

Finished Project

Not my project, but it's mine now!
This is the frame that my son refinished and exhibited in 4-H this year.

Who knows where this frame came from.   It's been hanging around forever...

He stripped what little original finish that remained, sanded and stained, then put coats of danish oil until he ran out of time.

Then a mirror, dust cover on the back and a hanging wire and, ta da!

I've got a new mirror.

He said it's mine now :)

PS  After giving up on finding the camera I'd misplaced and digging out another one that had been giving me problems and figuring that one out again -- the other one showed up in my car...

See- things always show up when you've replaced the original, or gone with plan B!  So now I have two that are working...

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