Thursday, August 19, 2010

the end...

My childhood church was torn down this week...

As much loved as it was, it just didn't make economical sense to try to make it handicap accessible and more energy efficient.  It was cheaper to build new.  And in this small town of about maybe 40 - they did it.  And I don't think they have a mortgage. 

They tried to sell the building, and thought they had a taker, but the moving costs ended up putting a kabosh to the plan.   So it had to come down.

Here's one of the last pics taken while it was still standing.  Anything that could be salvaged, was. 

This is what I got...

I've got some ideas whirlin' around in my brain about what I might do with these windows. 

I had said I wanted at least one for myself, but I would take any that were left after the other church members had their pick.

Some are a little worse for wear, but I'll figure out something special for those!  May take me awhile to figure it out, but I've got time!


  1. Could be worse. Recycled churches can end up being pathetic. Little Flower parish here sold their old church to a business that turned it into a undercapitalized bar, that was purchased by a local bank for a branch office. Every time I drive by it I'm saddened by this, not church, not bank building. I hope you took lots of pictures.

  2. Awww how sad, I love old churches. I'm glad you took the windows and bet you'll come up with something really great for them.

  3. Hate to hear about your church. I know you are glad to get some windows. Saved some history and memories.