Saturday, August 21, 2010

Best of Class

Remember I had mentioned that I was taking some of my 'stuff' to the fair?

Went last night with my daughter- who is home for not quite 2 days between summer and school - and went in search to see my stuff displayed.  My sister had told me the ribbon results, so it wasn't all anticipation.

It took me awhile to find one of the rugs... went around the exhibit several times before finally finding it.

There was one that was displayed in the "Best of Class" area!

Too bad I couldn't tell which one of the denim rugs it was.  I wasn't impressed with the display.  The rugs were rolled up -   I think it was the dark to light rug...

That kinda irritated me - the whole reason I exhibited was to get the rugs out where people could SEE them!  I really don't care too much about what ribbon I get - I'm happy with my stuff whether others are or not :)

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  1. Oh boy, I especially like the dark to like rug. I've been trying to scramble my colors, but then I'm a denim newbie. That's a wonderful effect. I was telling them at the spinning circle today about your long warps and zillions of rugs. It's impressive.