Monday, August 16, 2010

Rug being woven out of flannel.  I acquired a large bolt of this material.  It's nice flannel, but has rather large dyeing flaws throughout the entire piece. 

Works for rugs tho!

And, see?  I'm getting some rugs made slow but sure...

A couple made out of my own personal bed blanket - the dog couldn't find a way to get to his tennis ball so, what the heck, I'll just chew a way to it - he thought!  Kind of cool rugs tho!

Also some nevergotroundtoit yardage rugs, and a couple more from another blanket...

Still not caught up with the prepared strips, so we're doing ok!

Heard from my sister - she got my stuff delivered to the fair for judging.  Now to wait for the results....

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  1. Love your rugs and the materials you use. I really think the pic of them rolled up on the beam is cool.