Thursday, August 12, 2010

So need to get caught up!

Here's a sampling of the textiles that are waiting to get processed into strips.  They are hanging out in my craft room until I can get to them - or I run out of finished strips to weave!

I've been doing a bit of weaving again this week.  Last week was pretty much worthless in regards to that.  Still don't have ALOT of time to weave, but at least I got a taste of it this week. 

I'm still doing catch up work on my house, 4-H events - (I'm the treasurer for the county leaders and also the livestock premium sale) getting rugs picked out to enter in the neighboring county fair, and other general stuff.

Today has been a day of wet - humid or rain.  This old girl who grew up in arid south dakota sure doesn't like this new climate we've got going on lately!

This was this morning before i left for work.
This was after work...  so humid my lens wouldn't stay clear.

After a quick wipe, here's what the skies are doing right now.  Heavy rain, then sun, then rain, then sun.

Hot icky sticky - I think we're even in  a tornado watch....

Weather... if ya didn't have that to talk about, what would ya talk about?

Maybe this?

I stepped on this fun little thing the other morning.  Woke me up nicely.  Not sure where that little gem came from!  I'm good tho... my boosters are up to date - I checked! 

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  1. Behind here too - what's that about anyway?!!