Monday, August 2, 2010

Creators Block

I've got a blockage - in my creative center...

I've got these bags/totes that need handles.

But I just can't find the "right" ones. 

Either it's not the right color, or the style, or it just plain doesn't happen.  I've got alot to pick from!

That's the deal with these puppies.  It's gonna happen or it doesn't. 

Can't force it...

It could be my mood, or it could be the materials I have on hand, but I might as well put it all away for now.

These things are fun to make when it all falls into place, but exceedingly frustrating when it's not!


  1. Mind cramp. It's real so take a time out, step away and come back.

  2. Don't worry we all get that, brain fart freeze. I know if I walk away for a few days then come back I can work it all out and the universe seem to be in alignment again.