Wednesday, August 4, 2010

4-H Achievement Days

Today was the first Achievement Days entry/judging day in 14 years that I've missed.  Too soon at the new job to get the days off. 

It's my son's last year, he's graduating out in September.  He finished up his projects last night.  That is not a typical scenario for us.  Usually we have everything done except for minor details like exhibit cards and maybe a quick little fix left.  NOT like this year.  He had only 3 exhibits entered.  Two photos he had taken when he was in Washington DC at National 4-H Conference and a refinished frame that he put a mirror in.

As of 9 PM last night, the photos were still on the camera card, and the mirror was not in the frame.  The mirror is a whole 'nuther story!  Ever hear of a 'clear' mirror?  I ordered the mirror over the phone and had a friend pick it up.  It's a 60 mile drive to this store - one way.  When it got here and we opened up the paper - it sure 'nuf looked like glass to me.  NOT mirror.  Quick call, and a store that made it right - we had an actual mirror in our hands by noon Tuesday.

And then there was the hard rubber cement.  Had to go on bended knee to the neighbors and beg some to mount the photos.... Ack!  maybe it's a good thing I don't have anyone left to keep on the straight and narrow!   Alls well that ends well - he ended up with the top Home Environment exhibit with the frame/mirror and two photos that qualified also to go to state fair.

I enjoyed seeing the rugs that were made on my loom there.  They ended up pretty dang nice.  I'm hoping to catch them both to get a picture sometime this week.

All for now-  I did get some fun news this past week... I won the loom giveaway from Crazy as a Loom!!!!  I'm going to be getting a Hip to be Square Loop Loom in the near future -  can't wait!  Hilary is the greatest :)


  1. Congratulations on the win! Hilary has been so helpful to me. She even called me on the phone to make sure I'd be able to get onto weaving rag rugs. I agree. She's great!