Monday, August 16, 2010

Where did the weekend go?

Wow!   Was that weekend short...

My Friday afternoon - which is considered weekend since I get off at noon - I drove East to attend a funeral.

When I got home at 6, I spent time at the shop prepared for our local Harvest Days.  Arranging, putting out the latest projects, and waiting on peeps to stop in.   Went home about 9, crawled into bed and crashed.

Saturday started bright and early.  We decided rather than haul stuff across the street to put under a canopy, we put the canopy on the sidewalk in front of the store.  Main focus was to get people INSIDE the store!

It worked!  Had a few signs on the canopy, and one of the girls with stuff in the store sat outside with her latest venture - Healthy chocolate - and encouraged people to come in.

It was a busy day!  Not huge sales, but the amount of people who now know we are there was unbelievable.
Over and over all day, locals would ask when we got the doors open... and they didn't believe us when we said it had been over a year and a half.   Makes a person wonder why you do any advertising.  And this is a town with only two blocks on main street - we are hoping the day will lead to more traffic in the future.

The free supper came - had a quick t-storm in the middle of it - and then I spent a couple hours doing the janitor job.  Cleanup from a wedding, had no choice.... Then home and crawled into bed and crashed.

Sunday was relatively quiet.  Church in the morning.   A couple of hours doing treasury work for the 4-H premium sale, and then a trip  West to deliver entries to the Brown County Fair - open class.   Actually to my sisters since she agreed to deliver the stuff tonite.

And now another week begins.  I hope things get easier-- Winter should slow down, unless there is alot of snow that I'll have to push.  I hope the heck not.

I've actually got a good roll of rugs building up on the loom.  Little by little I've been working on them.  Pictures of those will be coming soon!

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