Monday, August 9, 2010

new weavers projects

Kristen wove a 50 inch rug and then did some folding and sewing to make a bridle holder for her horse trailer.  Her new storage item keeps the bridles from swaying and getting all scraped up when the trailer is in motion.  It was a great idea!

And here is James with his rug.. Notice his left hand... He had a cast on his arm from a fall from his sister's horse.  Still managed to weave his rug and have fun doing it!   We did go ahead and have him weave long headers so he could hem the edges.  We thought it might  be kinda hard to tie fringe knots one handed....

They both qualified for the state fair with their projects- I think I had as much fun as they did!


  1. I love that happy face. He did a great job, even better when you realize that he had a cast on his arm. And you did a great job in teaching!

  2. He looks really proud of his work as he should that's a great lookin rug and kid. I love the wall hanging for the bridles that's a cool idea.