Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Gorilla hands

The day turned into a pleasant springtime, sunny, fluffy clouds kind of day.  Surprising since it started out with heavy snow coming down almost horizontally this morning on my way to work...  Like my private lake?  :)

Surprise, surprise - the horses have stayed in the fence the last two days.  I'm guessing it's that I moved the fence so the hay is inside with them.  Unfortunately the hay is almost gone.  Hope the grass comes quickly! 

Trying to decide what yarn to use on my next scarf.  Need to get that warped up for next weekends Weaving Weekend.  I'm leaning toward the purpley stuff.

So, back to the title of this blog post. 

I was all set to show you the state of my hands.  They are a bit worse for wear - Tiling and Grouting are tough on the hands, and working in what is basically a machine shop helping build fan clutches gets a little dirty,  too.

So I took a picture - and then when the photos came up full screen size first thing I thought was.  "holy cow" my hands look like gorilla hands.  Not black, mind you, but all wrinkly and weird looking, you know?

I think I'll spare you the image!  :)

I've been moisterizing, moisterizing, moisterizing.   Not working.  I've got cracks, and scrapes, and wrinkles.  No black fingernails yet, but it's gonna happen working with heavy metal parts. 

Good think I'm not  a hand model!

I'm looking forward to tomorrow afternoon.  It will be the start of 3 days off.  Can't remember the last time I had that!  I plan on sleeping.  A bunch.

And I might weave a little, too :)

All for now~  JULIE 


  1. You are always working, one way or the other. How's the paying employment? Better?