Friday, April 1, 2011

What else????

As from my previous post,  you know I lost my Mr Pudgy. 

It was totally unexpected!  He hadn't been sick, or slowing down, or anything!  Hard to believe....

I came home from work and while I was on the phone I went into the living room and there he was lying on the blanket on the chair.   Sigh.  At least it was quick and he wasn't sick or feeble.  Good way to go I guess.

So tonite I came home, and right away, before I even got in the drive I knew something was wrong. 

No horses in sight. 


Found them down the road "talking" to the neighbors' stud. 


Did I mention I have all mares?  This could be a long spring.

So after 10 long hours at work today - 50 hours this week, I was slogging around in the mud and snow fixing fence. 

And I work tomorrow, bright and early at 5 AM! 

Not sure I wanna come home tomorrow to see what there is to find....


  1. I hear you and know it's rough - so sorry. Tomorrow HAS to be the turning point!

  2. Shameless hussies! The old adage about when it rains it pours comes to mind. It is strange how crap always seems to happen at once. Let's hope the girls did nothing more than flirt. And I sympathize on the fence fixing.
    I've had 5 escapees and it is not a lot of fun.