Sunday, April 10, 2011

Wonder where I've been?

Hidyho everyone! 

Trying to be upbeat here today.  It's raining.  And that's not a good thing in these parts... 

Gloomy, wet, raw and blustery out there-

But I got to see babies today! 

A local 4-H Club had a Baby Animal Day as a fundraiser today.  And it was just 3 houses down from me. 

So I had to go :)

They had baby ducks and chicks...

A baby calf (with a cast on his broken leg...)

Lambs of several different colors and ages.


Kid goats - My Favorite!

There were also some adult geese and a pig there, too.

Fun for the 4-H kids and the town kids that don't get to see animals up close, much less babies!

Other than that, it's a 'get things done day'.  I'm doing laundry, washing dishes, paying bills (nope, still haven't gotten that done!) and other assorted stuff that doesn't get done during the week.  Also did some cooking and prep work for sack lunches for the week.  It's nearly impossible to get a lunch built at 4 am :) - so I need to have all the parts ready and packed the night before.

Yesterday I went to my Fibre Arts guild monthly meeting.  I don't knit or spin, so that is always interesting to watch and listen-  End of this month there will be a weaving weekend that I'm going to attend- well, at least the Saturday part... Can't wait!  I do need to get a scarf put on my structo so I can take that along to work on while there!

This past week flew by.  My evenings were taken up with meetings and helping a friend put in ceramic tile in their bathroom.  I'm hoping my evening this week I'll be able to stay home and do some of MY stuff!

All for now~  Julie

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  1. That's a great event for 4Hers. They're a great group of kids, and yes, the other kids are my favorite babies too.