Saturday, April 23, 2011

A productive day,

with very little effort!  :)

Slept in this morning, Yay!

Delivered paper/cardboard to the recycling truck.

Started calling around looking for some hay to buy for my "hay burners".

Wasn't having much luck and was getting kind of worried ~ but then, I got a "sure I've got some and can I deliver it this afternoon? "  Horses are happy again....

Sold a car!  My son posted the old school car on craigslist this morning and it's already gone!  Woohoo!

And my new glasses came in the mail today!  No more seeing around a big old scratch~ lol!

Tonite I hope to warp my structo loom with a scarf project for next weekend, and I'm in the middle of making potato salad for a casual Easter dinner that is here tomorrow.

The house could use a quick sweep and hide, and that's about it for today.

Oh, and I even took a nap.

All for now~ JULIE 

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