Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Weaving stars tonite

Tonite I found myself weaving some stars.
A flannel bedsheet woven into a narrow rug warp.  I'm liking it :)

I took a day off from work-

I needed to go to the eye doctor.  
It had been 5 years. 
I used to go every year, or at minimum every 2 years. 
I needed a prescription to give to work to get safety glasses ordered.

I ordered everyday glasses and even allowed myself the luxury of new prescription sunglasses.  

You can't imagine the sense of relief I have that I can actually do this without having an anxiety attack over how I would pay for it.   

I've worked for a month and this is the first "extra" I've allowed myself. 
It is hard to let go when you've tight fisted it for so long!

I also did a few other random errands and even had lunch with my sister and a cousin from North Dakota who called unexpectedly while he was in town.  
Amazing how a day like today can wear a person out just like a full 10 hour shift at work.  

I didn't feel like washing dishes or cleaning house,

so I played among the stars, instead :)



  1. Oh Julie, I have danced that dance. Breaking out of the tight-fisted mentality is a whole 'nuther gig - you have to stop sleeping it too. I'm so pleased this job is giving you yourself back.

  2. Love the stars rug Julie.... glad the new job is going well!