Sunday, April 17, 2011


It appears winter has returned to our part of the country.  Friday it snowed heavily enough they called school early.  It was terribly windy and icy, so good reason to send kids home. 

And it's snowing again, tonight.

Well, good news tho, I'm done with the ceramic tile project at my friends'.  Good thing - I'm a tired girl :)

I spent a quiet day today.  My boy was home for the weekend so we went out to lunch/dinner - whatever all of you call it - and ate buffet.  Didn't have to cook that way.

Wove one denim rug.  My arms and hands hurt!  Too much heavy lifting at work and tiling/grouting at night, I guess.

A couple of the horses went for a morning jaunt this morning.  I got a phone call about 9 am that they were visiting again.  Went and got them, and then beefed up the electric fence. 

Can't wait for permanent fence.  I've put it off because I have an auto waterer I want to install- Don't want to build a fence to take it down again.  Can't do that till it dries up some.  Won't do that until it stops the dang snowing! 

From the newspaper, I know it's the 3rd snowiest winter we've had since records were kept.  Over 80 inches this year.  We have major road and flooding problems in the area  - but so far I'm ok except for general mud.  Could be worse I guess.

Yet still tonite I must fold my laundry and pack a lunch for tomorrow.  Hoping for an early bedtime - I could probably go now and fall asleep :)

Can't believe it's almost summer time for college kids.  My son will be home for the summer in two weeks.... I'm thinking it's gonna be nice to have someone in the house - except he's going to be working the opposite shift that I am - but maybe that's a good thing :)

All for now - JULIE


  1. Julie, you amaze me. I don't know how you do it. I realize this is what you are used to but I'm still astounded at your level of aplomb. Kudos my friend.

  2. I feel your pain, the seemingly endless stream of snow and rain this year and the resulting mud has got me pretty low too. So much work to be done and it all has to be put off until drier times. But, buck up, spring will come and summer on her heels. I know it, I just know it! :)

  3. Ugh, more snow??... Hopefully that's the last of it for you. My daughter will be coming home for the summer on May 9th, I'm looking forward to it too..