Thursday, May 5, 2011

I'm alive

But barely :)

Still fighting that dang cold.  The first couple of hours at work are a bugger, but I power thru and get in a groove.  Tired by the end of the day tho...  

One of my girls is home from school!  She caught her "pony" tonite - it was so nice out!  No wind, warm and springy --- nice, so you just know it's not gonna last~

We had to see if Cooper liked riding ~  Not so much...  He's a little wimp!

We took a stroll out in the pasture to check out the "pond".

Can't believe Leah got DeeDee to walk into the water!  She doesn't like it ~  This horse snorts and rumbles in concern when she's getting a bath and the puddle with bubbles comes towards her :)  She trusts Leah and will go pretty much anywhere she asks her to.

We found this den on a hillside.  Couldn't find tracks to identify what kind of critter dug this.  Pretty good sized hole, so I'm guessing something like a badger, or maybe a fox?

Now that Leah is home for a few weeks, maybe she'll get me out to mess with the horses some... Here's hoping anyway!

I took the time to photo the finished scarf from this past weekend~  Here it is...

Click to biggify....

Yup!  Again I used recycled yarn.  A purple wool sweater and a silvery acrylic blend sweater added a bit of sparkle.  This wove up quite quickly as it is loosely woven.     I think I'll be adding this silver in bits to more scarves, it adds a little life and I've got quite a bit of it!

All for tonite~  It's past my bedtime! 


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  1. Love the pond shot!!... my horse, thankfully, is very good about going in and walking through water... some others I've had in the past? not so much.