Monday, May 30, 2011

Thunder boomers

I sit here alone at home, listening to it thunder and rain.

So much for great weather for the holiday weekend.  It's rained every day and now it's doing the severe storm type of thing...  Sigh.

I'm feeling a little down tonite.  My other daughter left today for points south (New Mexico) where she is doing an internship for college. 

Oh to be young again to do those fun and exciting things.

I'm afraid I'm in a rut. 

Stalled out.

Worn out.

Basically ~  A Funk...

There is this craft show this coming weekend.  I spent the afternoon finding my "stuff" for that.  Since the last fair I moved all my stuff from the store.  It has been stashed here and there...  I'm still missing a tote with my hangers and other assorted accessories. 

Not sure quite where to look again, so I'm hoping tomorrow fresh eyes will find it.

I did weave 3 rugs today, so I guess there is that!

It is 4-H Horse Show practice season.  Once a week I help whatever 4-H'ers that want it with their horses.

Maybe this will improve my attitude.  I hope.

So anyhoo, I best be off to bed.  The weekend is over and my early morning wake up call is scheduled for tomorrow.  I need to try to sleep.  Hoping to get a few more things done this week without overdoing it.  With the craft fair, I will be having 12 straight days of no day off... I should probably conserve my energy where I can.

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  1. We need to talk about a "grow" light. It's been the longest darkest never-ending winter of my life. Buy a SAD light completely turned that around for me, and it has no side effects - no hair loss, no constipation, no heart palpitations....