Sunday, May 1, 2011

Weaving weekend

My shortened version anyway!  The event was from Friday afternoon thru Sunday midday, but I was only able to take in Saturday.

The venue was a youth camp used by girls scouts and 4-Hers and others.   It was a cold blustery wet day.

Here's the main lodge where we gathered for the spinning circle, meals, etc.  Some knitting classes were in another building and there were several dorms open and in use, also.

The majority of projects were knitting and spinning, but there was this homemade loom in use and also a triangle shawl loom.  Plus my structo where I wove this...

It's a simple scarf woven from recycled yarn.  I've come to the conclusion, I really need to look into getting a different reed for my Structo Loom.  It came with a 15 per and it is too dang fine for these specialty yarns I'm using.  I'll be looking into that soon, I hope.

 Knitters and Spinners!  I actually sat at a wheel and plied some of my scavenged yarn that I thought was too fine for my use.  It would be nice if I had a wheel to be able to do that on.  I've got more yarn that I would like to do that with!

I had been developing a head cold that morning and by afternoon, I thought a walk would help clear out my head so I went for a walk by the lake. 

I found this cute little building down by the water.  I think it was the pump house at one time, but long since abandoned for that use.  I'm a sucker for rock buildings.  I wish I could pick it up and move it to my house :)

Oops!  Had to backtrack when the trail disappeared.  Wash out - Never did find a beach.  Lake is so full there isn't any left to find.

Another spinner - but she's a weaver, too.  I had a nice time visiting with like minded individuals, but I decided my cold was rapidly worsening and decided to head for home.  Glad I did because the forcasted snow showed up with the gale force winds.  On the way home I have to drive a road that is water on both sides.  Wind had the waves crashing over the road and mixed with snow it was a little nerve wracking! 

By the time I got home, this cold had morphed into a chest cold.  Heavy cough and achy achy achy.  Son helped me unload and I crawled into bed and I've pretty much spent the day there.  Hoping this is short lived. I don't want to call in sick tomorrow for work...

All for now,



  1. That's a heck of a note to end a fiber retreat on. My grandmother used to say, if you take care of a cold you can get rid of it in a week. If you don't take care of it, it'll last a whole seven days. I'm afraid there's not much one can do for a cold.

  2. It was a beautiful weekend (inside). I am sorry you were so ill and couldn't stay longer. I have an order for Norm to make Marie a loom like mine. Hope to see you another time - it was good meeting you.