Sunday, May 15, 2011

I'm out of practice

At writing on this blog dealy thing here...

But here goes~

It was a productive Sunday - so much for day of rest.

I did a pile of laundry, did some cleaning, and picked up trash in the pasture where the big hales were fed this winter.

Leah and I saddled a mare and she rode for awhile.

I finished tying fringe on some rugs.

Here's a picture of one.  I'll tease and show the others in the next few days :)

This is a rug made from some more of that textile manufacture waste that comes my way on a regular basis.  Somehow I managed to get a pattern done without running out before I finished.

This naughty little pup spent the day out exploring.  He found wonderful things ~ including something that smelled like rotting dead thing. 

He is going to get a bath even tho I didn't plan on having to do that in my freshly cleaned bathroom.  The little stinker....  Literally....

The new week starts - I've been car pooling with my son in the mornings.  He is working for the summer at the same place I am.  He is eventually going to be working nights if and when they get that shift going. 

It's nice having a driver in the mornings. 

Of course he drives my car~  that way he doesn't have to use his own gas!

All for now-  JULIE


  1. I loved it when Ian and I got to share a ride. We did it for several years and I got a lot of knitting done. I saw your rugs on FB - pretty awesome Sunday you had.

  2. Beautiful rug!

    Funny how puppies love strange smells!!!LOL