Friday, June 18, 2010


I'm going to try to stop focusing on the not so nice things going on with me, and look more at what is better.  Good plan, right?

So today, I'm bouncing all over the place.  I've been to church to take care of my janitor duties.  I've woven a couple of rugs.  I'm waiting for pasta to cook for a salad that I am providing for a bridal shower.  And I'm looking at all the other things I should be doing :^)
It's really windy here today, as it was yesterday.

Thank you wind, for helping remove the old tarpaper on my house! 
Needs to be done before the crew comes to put up new siding anyway. 

Cooper in the wind.  Love how the wind gets his ears up and at attention!

Here, he's checking out one of the gopher holes that are in my front yard. 
Just last fall this was cow pasture, so I haven't got them to move on yet.  
Cooper is doing his part.  
Hasn't caught anything yet, but he is hopeful and vigilant.

Here is my pile of denim in progress.  I set up a work station in the garage to try and keep some of the mess outdoors.  I've got another couple of bags left to rough out before I start stripping them.

This is what I found leaning against the work station this morning.  I had wondered what the dear son was doing out there after I had gone to bed!

He was "cleaning up the yard" .... sigh... hate to discourage a helpful nature, but why does it have to end up in my way?

So I walked away from it and now I'm looking at this.

I should open it up and start tying, but I'm just not feeling it ~

I've decided I should take a short rest.

Still on the agenda today is decorating and setting up for a bridal shower at 6:30, and preparing for the craft show I have tomorrow.

I'm setting up in the park at the International Vinegar Festival in Roslyn, SD.   Should be fun. 

I'll tell you all about it next time.

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  1. Cooper is cute being nosey ! Made me smile. Sounds like you have a busy day going! We used to do craft shows in the late 90's. It was always a busy time. I like seeing your setup at the shows. Makes me want to buy 1 of everything !! I have a weakness for handmade things... LOL Thanks for visting my blog. Good Luck at The Vinegar Festival ! I hope you sellout!