Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Finished finally...

There have been a couple of totes and bags that needed to be finished hiding in my closet for, oh, a couple of months now.

Last night I finally got the juices flowing and finished a couple of them.  Here they are.

This is a simple tote made by knotting the fringe together.  I had a leather belt that was long enough to make two handles, and a couple of metal type accents that I scrounged from another belt somewhere.  It's kinda cute....

This bag was an experiment.  It has woven insets on the sides, so it is more boxy than my other totes.  This bag took alot longer to make because I had to weave those insets and then hand sew them onto the main part of the bag.  Doubt I'll make alot of these, just for that reason.  It turned out ok, tho.  it's got a single sling handle made from a belt.

This week is getting crazy for me ~ I'm trying to gather up all the things I might need for this craft show - It's my first big outdoor -  and finish up more rugs around all the rest of the stuff that is going on around me.    Today I must open the canopy box and figure that out and get together things for the booth, warp my loom, and set tables for a funeral at my church after 9PM tonite.

It's gonna be a long day - I should probably do some laundry too, so I have something clean to wear this weekend!  :)


  1. Love your bags!!!!! I was born and raised a bit north of you - North Dakota. Your pictures are great!!

  2. I love your bags. I really need to think about doing something like that too.