Wednesday, June 30, 2010


My daughter has this word that she has invented.  Something that is more than pretty, but less than beautiful.

For example...   These purple flowers.  They would be beautiful, but alas, they are a weed.... thusly (another unique word by Leah) it is "prettyful"...

Cooper and I were fencing today.  Nothing like making fence alone that makes you feel like you have no friends!  :)  Fencing is MUCH easier when there are two people.  To bad Cooper doesn't have hands - I could sure put him to use!    He would come back from his busyness to find some shade and bum some water from me on occasion.

While we were out there, I found this cute little thing.  I would call it a wild prairie rose.  Pretty sure that's not it's correct name, but hey!   That name would be cute for a boutique/ shop wouldn't it?

There was lots of yellow clover out there, too.  It surpises me that my horses haven't been eating this stuff.  My first pony would hit the skidders whenever there was even a single plant within reach.  Many times I was caught unawares and ended up amongst the clover when she did this!

Also found alot of this evil looking stuff.  Reminds me I need to get somewhere to get the weed spray and get crackin' on that little job...

Windy windy day here today.  I'm windblown and sunburned.  Time for a project inside!

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  1. I just happened upon your blog this morning and had to say - too cute. When my son was little he'd make up the most perfect words for things. And absolutely - thats a great word lol