Friday, June 4, 2010

Honey! I'm home!

Got my booth set up.  It was hot. I got sweaty.  

I remembered my camera, so I'll show you some pics from the grounds.  
Not alot of spectators around yet today, kind of the "calm before the storm". 
Regular numbers are in the 10,000 people range.

Here is the American flag that is in the center of the parade grounds, 
along with the requisite cannon.  

My booth is behind this building.  It's an officers building or something like that.  Someone important lived there with their wives, if they had one, that is.  The front of it faces the parade ground.

I think this is the hospital?  
I've been thru the tour, but can't remember for sure and didn't walk up and check.
Had to keep an eye on my booth!

I believe this is the adjutants office.
All of the buildings are of stone or brick.
This was the prairie - no timber!

There are fur traders.....
A teepee or two....
and my own little, amature-ish booth!

All for now~  I will try to get a picture of the barn.... it is,
to. die. for.

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