Thursday, June 24, 2010

Just for fun

Thought I would show you some pics I took this morning out my front door.

Here, I'm standing on my front step (if you can call it that, it's still just dirt...)

Quite the view, huh?

Moving in a little closer....
Miss Blondy is chewing her cud... Mousy up in the left hand corner is serving up a snack, and there's a bunch of napping going on all over.

But, wait!

What's going on over here???

Someone is VERY popular this morning!  Big guy on the left has found her quite attractive...

I pondered about including a pic of what comes next, but decided against it for you squeamish and shy ones...

For us country kids....  it's just a fact of life.


  1. How funny... the lovely couple is turned around, looking at you as if to say, "HEY, can we get a little privacy here?".