Tuesday, June 1, 2010


I finished up a little experiment today.
My daughter had made a batik of a horse a while back, and it needed to do something.

Somewhere I had seen the idea to put pictures into your weaving by using figured yardage.

Decided to try it with her piece.... I did ask her if it was ok to cut it up, and she gave me her permission!

It's kinda hard to see in this photo.  The design was pretty subtle to begin with and when you add the warp over the top of it, it gets even more so subtle.

Can you see the horse?  I made it into a tote and added some leather handles.  Had hoped to find old belts to use, but just couldn't find the right ones so I cut my own and here it is.  It seemed a little plain so I put a beaded accent on it, too.  The beads say " I <3 Horses"  and "Neigh".

I think it turned out ok for a first try!

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