Saturday, June 5, 2010

Fun at the Fort

The day starts with a cavalry drill, cannon fire, infantry and flag raising with a bugle and everything.  We had a little bit of liquid sunshine first thing this morning so the crowd was a little light first thing.  When it decided to quit spitting, the crowds picked up fast.

Infantry - they did some drills that included bayonets...  Had the drummer and everything.

This little guy was enthralled.

After the ceremony, the crowd picked up and I was busy in my booth.  Sold a buncha purses, not so many rugs.  Nobody wanted to carry them around, I suppose.

These cutie patooties came by my booth and I just had to take a photo! 

And here is. the. barn.

This is the back door.  I couldn't take the time to walk to the front for a picture.  I was alone all day in my booth, so when I had to visit the little girls room (which there was one in this barn) I had to make it quick.

Here's the view inside looking towards the front door.  Photo is taken from the point where the modern bathrooms end.  These are the facilities that are used by the campers in the state park.  They are large, but don't take up much space in this huge barn!

I could live in, 
my horses could live in, 
I could have a business in it,
and still have room left for a boarder or two!  

Can't wait to go back tomorrow!
But I sure want to sell some rugs...

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  1. The photos of the children in period costume are great! Oh, and I could soooo live in a barn too. Enjoyed your pics today!!

    The Blue Ridge Gal