Thursday, June 24, 2010

Custom work?

I rarely do custom work... why?

1.  My creations are based on "found" materials.  So it is totally random what I will find as far as colors and textures to use.  I can't count on having available what the customer wants.

2.  When people ask for a certain color, it is inevitably the color that just came off my loom and it will be months before I get back to that color. 

3.  I'm not the best at working within limits  :)

So this is one of the rare times I did something specific for a customer.
This customer had seen a rug made from the same material I had in my inventory and did not purchase it then.  He waited and by then I had sold it.

On this rare occasion, I actually had more of the upholstery material left from that rug.   He then ordered 2 rugs -  and insisted I put it on the blue warp I had on my loom.

I would not have put this material on this warp.

I would have used it on a green or brown toned warp.

But he's the customer....

So I start weaving....  remember how I'm not good at the limits thing?  He had ordered specific sizes - I forgot to measure from the start on one rug, so I measured part way thru and hoped for the best.  Second rug I was on the ball and kept track.

Rugs came off the loom, tied them up, and measured them.  Sigh... One of them was 5 inches too short...  Fortunately, I still had more of this material  (an unusual situation ), so I got to weave another one on this warp. 

I'm hoping this guy will come in and love his rugs so much, he'll decide to take the short one that I screwed up on.  If not, I will have a rug in my inventory that is not my usual style.  I'm sure it will sell, I sell rugs that don't appeal to me all the time. 

My solution to the custom work?  I've got myself a "wish book" that I note requested rugs in.  Sizes, colors, etc and who would like a rug like that are noted in this book.  As I'm weaving, if I have one that fits the description, I notify the 'wisher' and they get first dibs on that rug.

It also helps me to keep an eye open for the colors I need.  Keeps me collecting colors I wouldn't normally bring home!

I've been told I need to learn to work within limits. 

I don't think so... I will not limit myself!

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  1. I'm trying to figure out how you tie your fringe. The fringed rug that we had on the floor and that hangs on my studio wall is missing about a third of its fringe - just worn off by feet. I'm warping for another runner and am thinking that fringe is risky business. The hanging rug had wool fringe. I wonder if cotton wears better. Hmmmm.