Friday, July 2, 2010

Delayed on the road

Tonight I was planning on working on a fun purse I"m doing and put up a picture of the finished project.

Didn't happen...

Made what was supposed to be a flying trip to the nearest Menards  (60 miles one way) for soffit material so I had it on hand if my contractor ever shows up (somehow the wrong stuff got delivered).

Everything was going wonderfully until.... about halfway home in the midst of the big cell hole of no service,  I blew a front tire on my truck.

Today it was in the mid 90's and the wind has been blowing like 45 mph.  Still is.   I poop you not.

Got the tire changed.  Came home.  Did my janitor job.  Took a shower, and now, at 10:30 I am not sure I feel very creative.  :)

Vehicles hate me...

1 comment:

  1. I believe you on the weather. That's what would be typical for here, only aliens have taken over our local climate. It was so cool this morning that we needed our down comforter. It kinda scares me. Blow outs on front tires scare me. How wonderful that it was an inconvenience and nothing more.