Friday, July 16, 2010

2 steps forward, one step back...

So today I was going to help a young man experience weaving.  He was so excited,  right along with me! 

Got a call last night from his mom... poor boy broke his wrist last night!  So we are in a hold pattern right now for his rug :(

But on a brighter note...  This week I got my friend up and running on her structo 600 loom.  She was so intrigued by my Structo, that when one appeared locally for sale, she bought it.  Just don't tell her husband!  He thinks we bought it partnership or something.... shhhh!

She is itching to make mug rugs.  But first, we warped it up for a table runner width and she wove two rag table toppers from an old square dance dress and it's matching mens shirt.  This outfit was her friends parents' and they are tickled they could find something to do with these items instead of just leaving them hang in the closet.  We took a picture tonite, but it went home on her camera.  If you're reading this, Darda, SEND ME A COPY!

Up first thing in the morning to head off to Horse and Buggy Days.... I hear it's gonna be HOT!

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