Saturday, July 24, 2010

Mens pants.

Who'da thunk that some old mens dress pants could look so cool?

These rugs got a hemmed edge.  I don't do this enough.  I don't know why, it's not hard.

And it seems like they sell right away when I have them in stock.

Habit, I guess!

Here's another mens pants rug.  These strips were what was left in the box after I had randomly sewn strips together for awhile.  I thought I'd been doing pretty well distributing the greens, but I realized I really didn't have any green left for the last 1/3 of my strips.

So I made sure I separated these from the first two rugs and have a little different look for this rug.  Here I did that dang fringe again!

Had a little excitement at the ranchero tonite.... One of my horses fell into a hole in my backyard.  It was a waterline hole that still needs some work in it, so it hadn't been filled in.  My sweet Buzz fell in and couldn't get out!  Thank goodness I was here to help her.  She couldn't have been in there 5 minutes before I noticed her.  Took some mighty pulls on the halter while she struggled to climb the sides, but we managed to get out.  She was so happy I helped her... she was a nickering to me while she was breathing hard from the effort.  I was a little worried about her for a couple of hours.  She wasn't eating and she was standing off away from the other girls.  Finally she is grazing and moving around again.  I think she'll be fine, maybe a little stiff and sore tomorrow.  It could have been so much worse. 

I hadn't realized how soft the bottom of that hole was. She was in to her flanks in goo.   I am going to get that job moved to the top of the list now!


  1. Can you image how traumatizing that had to have been?! Poor girl and so glad it wasn't worse. I've learned that no matter what you do, there's always that loop hole - something can go wrong. I love the pants - hope mine are as cool.

  2. Poor baby girl !! I know she was glad to see you.
    Rugs are great. Have you thought or tried placemats with the hemmed end. Or does the loom just make big things.. Can you tell I don't know what I am talking about.. LOL But I am needing some yellow and white placemats... LOL