Friday, July 30, 2010

Summer Football

I was not looking forward to a football game in the icky sticky summer heat.

Football is for cold, rainy/snowy fall days when you can wrap yourself up in a couple of layers and snuggle down to watch the boys steam on the field.

But last night, we were blessed with a beautiful night.  Clouds threatened pregame, but all they did was take the heat out of the day.   There was a light breeze to keep the skeeters away, and the sun came out to put a nice light on the field.

 Here's my boy running across the field during the introductions.  Not a great pic, but I had to include it because of the panorama of the landscape.  This is for you Sharon!  The picture by my house that you thought was so flat?  THIS is flat! That's why I think I live in hills that you see as flat, lol!

My boy is #70.   Looks pretty solid, doesn't he?  He gets those genes from me... The height is a throw back from another generation, cause I'm barely 5'3"!   He's 6 ft on a good day and right now pushing the scales somewhere in the 235 - 245 range.  It's alot of muscle, too.

This game is the SD Allstar Game that is sponsored by the coaches association and the Shriners.  The graduated senior players are all invited from across the state and school classes.  He played with kids he was across the ball from in high school and interestingly, he actually was across the line of scrimmage from his soon to be college room mate all night :)  They got to know each other pushing and shoving!

OK, I'm going to reveal my lack of knowledge here.  I don't know what position he plays and what it's called.  I do know that he was directly to the left of the center.  Guard???  Anybody know?  He played all but about 3 plays in the 3rd quarter whenever his team was in possession.  Pleased me how much he got to play.  He also met ALOT of future college teammates this last week.  His college recruited heavily in state this year.

He had fun.  He got a little bunged up - a shiner and swollen bridge of the nose.  Someone asked him it was broke and he emphatically said no.  He broke his nose last winter in basketball, so he said this isn't even close to that.  Just bruised.  He had a bit of a headache today from the pounding to his melon, but he's still looking forward to college ball.

From now on, if I want to go to one of his games, I'll be driving a minimum of 3 hours.  One way.

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  1. I don't get it, but one grandson is going to SOU on scholarship this fall, already there as a frosh, and another is in Pop Warner. I wouldn't do that, but then what do I know. I'm a girl.