Sunday, July 18, 2010


I'm back home from a "mixed" weekend.  

First day ~  hotter than H E double toothpicks.   Temps in the triple digits.  Mis -ra- bull...

And then mid afternoon, these suddenly showed up.

High winds and large hail coming this way!  Talk about 'grab and go'!   Tore down the display and canopy, threw it all in the truck and hightailed it to my parents where I parked in a garage.  Kinda shut the day down.
I didn't mind - I was about sick from the heat anyway.

This morning dawned cool and breezy.

The flags were at attention all day, as well as some of my rugs!

A corner of my booth.  Denim and blanket rugs. 

Today was much better than yesterday, weatherwise.  

It helps with sales, when people aren't miserable!


  1. Yep. I'm always more apt to make a purchase when it's cooler weather. The heat and humidity drives me indoors.

    Love the rug display!

  2. Hope you have had sales !I have a room full of rug weaving strips.My aunt of 80 died leaving all her rug material.The family was goig to throw it away!That could not happen,so now I am weaving(now and into eternity I think!)