Thursday, July 15, 2010


I'm adjusting to the new schedule.  I started a new job on Monday.  It's been awhile since I've had a day in day out job.  I'm used to scheduling myself.... Guess that's gonna have to change!

This weekend is another craft fair that I'm attending.  It is the season for community happenings.  This weekend it is the Sisseton Horse and Buggy Days.  Craft booth for both Saturday and Sunday in the park.  Unfortunately, I have to tear down on Saturday evening and set back up in the morning.  Just the reality of the location and the events that are taking place at night. 

I've got rugs on the loom that will probably be cut off tomorrow after J (the young man that is trying his hand at a rug) is there.  Hopefully he can weave his rug in the afternoon and we can get it cut off for him to get busy with the tying of the fringe.  I'll have some rugs I can take with me to tie if there are downtimes.

One of my daughters will be home for the weekend and will spend a bit of time with me on Saturday, hopefully!

All for now, I"m making supper.  I'm also adjusting to not being able to visit the refrigerator at odd moments during the day.  That might actually be a good thing!

Pictures from the festival hopefully by Sunday evening.

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