Sunday, July 4, 2010

Quiet day here for me at the homestead.  Staying in and puttering about finishing up some projects and trying to take it easy.  Of course there is the laundry I'm catching up on, but that's not too hard ~ at least until it's time to fold...

Caught up with tying fringe...

I'm set pretty good now with denim rugs, so now I get to play with some other colors again!

Here's the second "how blue am I?" rug.  This time I started light, went to dark, and back again to light.   Still only 5 pairs of jeans.   The last rug, I thought the light blue was a little too light.  This one, I think the dark is a little too dark...

And here is the little purse that I was having fun with but didn't get to the other night.  I think it turned out pretty cute!

Body of the bag is woven out of blanket fringe and the top edges are some upholstery material that I cut up and wove.   Handles are from an old purse, and I added some beads I had in my stash.  Another unique bag!

Hope everyone is having a good holiday today! 

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