Sunday, July 25, 2010

Ay yi yi!!!!

This afternoon, as I was piddling around in my crap, I mean craft room, I thought I heard something....

And then my dog started going nuts!

Holy moses!  Some guy came in my house, unannounced. 

Just walked on in.

Didn't know him from Adam.

He seemed to think he knew me.

He was QUITE inebriated...

Managed to get him to come outside, where he engaged me in a conversation in view of the neighbors driving by - thank goodness.  At least there were witnesses....

Eventually we got it figured out that he thought he was at MY NEIGHBORS HOUSE!

Apparently he is a new neighbor from over by the golfcourse.

Finally he left- he was quite friendly - I don't think he had any idea how creeped out I was!

I called the neighbor to see if he had shown up there, and give him the heads up that the drunk might be on his way there.  Got the info that that is his constant state.

I do believe I'm going to be locking my doors from now on...


  1. Actually, Ian (unimbriated) did that to our DD Chris' neighbors just after they had bought their house. Nobody answered the door so he walked in, but it was the wrong house.

  2. I love your blog, don't remember where I found you but am glad I did!
    I still can't get over the fact that in rural areas doors and cars are not locked and keys are left in cars. Everytime I go to NC and stay at the cabin, the neighbors think it's so funny that the city kids think someone gonna steal their car or something in the house it's just the environment your use to I guess. At least he wasn't aggressive so you could get him out of the house.