Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Noisy day

My contractor finally got the crew to my place today.  They've installed a patio door, replaced a window and added a window.  Also have the new soffit all installed.  Now if the weather holds, they will be back tomorrow to get going on the actual siding. 

In between answering questions and doing a little bit of cleanup behind the guys, I sewed some on denim.  This time I'm doing greens, browns and tans.  Yes, in denim!  I think I'll get a couple of rugs out of this color scheme.

I don't dare leave these guys alone.  If I'm not here to answer questions and kind of keep an eye on them, I end up getting things put where I don't want them.   Barely caught the patio door from being put in the wrong space.  Contractor remembered it was to go as far left as possible in the hole from the window we took out.    Problem is, he was thinking left as he stood outside.  When we discussed it, we were inside!

Sometimes I wonder....

Maybe pics tomorrow, depending on how far they get!


  1. Can't wait to see your siding !!! lol that is bad when I get excited about siding going on. but I do... We are still working on ours.. hot here in alabama and I can't seem to want to help hubby.. lol Stay on those workers..

  2. Thanks fosr stopping by my blog.

    I agree its always best to keep an eye on what's going on when you're getting work done on your home.

    I love your rugs and the bag you made is so CUTE!!