Thursday, December 30, 2010


Cooper appeared to be a little bit chilly this afternoon.  His sweater was dirty from being outside and his coat just isn't terribly comfortable. 

He has a few other sweaters around that he fits into but aren't big enough to really keep him warm.

I quick made him a new sweater!  It's from a stretched out old sweater that was in the rag pile.  This first one is a prototype and the other arm I'll probably use a little more care and finish the edges that I cut.  Fits him perfect - except I need to take it up a bit "underneath" so he doesn't pee on it when he goes out :)

1 comment:

  1. How clever! I'll bet Cooper appreciates the extra warmth. We used to have a rat terrier who got cold easily, too. Those little dogs just don't have a lot of fur to keep them warm.

    Judging from the picture of the snowdrift inside your door from your other post, it's probably none too cozy in your house tonight. Good night for a warm blankie! Take care of yourself.