Monday, December 20, 2010

Rug pictures...

A rug made from burlap - sage green in color.  The burlap was most recently table runners at a friends wedding.  She had 40+ of these 9 foot runners so I've gotten "a few" rugs out of them.   She also got 2 rugs from them as a wedding gift.  I've still got two more to get tied.  Nice "by the door" rugs as they are kinda scritchy scratchy... should knock off some dirt!

This rug is made from waste yardage that came from a home decor type plant.  I'm forever getting donations of this stuff from people who bought it thinking they would use it for quilts and such.  I had alot of the cream that was in long strips and some 3 colors of brown in short.  I ended up laying in the browns in a random pattern on this one.  I think it turned out kind of cute!

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  1. Nice work! I like that sage green burlap rug. Almost too nice to walk on! I like the other one, too. The dark brown stripes really set it off.

    The nice thing about denim is that you can use any color with it. I used to make mixed color warps all the time; blues, greens, with some hot pink (dubonnet), purple, and black. Good way to use up odd tubes of warp. They sold well too. People loved the colors!