Friday, December 17, 2010

Latest rugs with crappy pictures :)

I've been waiting and waiting until I can get home during sunlight hours to take pictures of some of the latest finishes...

Lighting for photography is not always easy - especially in the winter here.  The light is just kind of,  weird.

Anyhoo... here's the best I could do under the circumstances.

A very neutral rug made from an electric blanket.  Don't worry, I stripped the wires out of it.  It's a nice soft comfy one.  Just not very flashy!

Here's the flashy one.  It was a blanket that was covered in jungle leaves and tigers. Rawr.

And then there is this rug.  The wool strips were already in balls that were found at a junque shop.  The strips are wider than my preference.  I should have cut them all in half again... hindsight, ya know.  It's a nice enough rug - but I think it would have been a REALLY nice one if I'd done that.  Oh well- it's not worth my time to undo it and reweave it.  This warp is gone already anyway!  On to the next one.

Winter is truly upon us here - more snow yesterday. Last night I started the snowblower and used it until it was way too dark to continue.  Parked it in the garage - and then this afternoon started it back up.  &*%)$# thing!  The engine runs good - just not the drive part.  I know what's wrong, I just don't have the tools to fix it.  I'm hoping the son has his tools in his car trunk.  He's on his way home right now.


  1. Nice rugs! Don't worry about the rug with the wider strips. Some years back I made a rug that I thought was just the ugliest thing ever. I wasn't even going to put it out at the craft fair, but at the last minute, I did. Guess which one sold first? The lady who bought it thought it was the prettiest thing she'd ever seen! So somebody is gonna LOVE your rug!

    Thanks for your kind comment about Molly on my blog. We miss her terribly, but both Andrew and I are doing a lot better today.

    Hope you and your son can get that snowblower going soon. Sounds like you're going to need it again pretty soon. Good luck!

  2. Our snow blower developed a gas leak, so not only does it do nothing, the garage stinks. I, as always, admire your industriousness, most especially as demonstrated in your rugs. Wonderful. Again.

  3. Have I asked you this before? When using dress weight cotton, how wide to you cut your strips? You sett at 12 epi, right?? I'm going to try it again after the chaos settles down.