Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Weaving again...

I'm up and weaving again! 

This is the warp I'm working on presently.  A seven section wide table runner series.  These runners are going to be widely varied in color.  Alot of browns, greens, golds, etc.   I warped with a mix of natural, brown, taupe, tan, burgundy, green, sage green, yellow and a mauve kind of color.  It seems to be working so far :)

These runners work up fast when I have the rags cut.  If memory serves, there are 4 of them already woven and on the beam.  It'll be a bit before I get filled up and take them off, so you'll have to be patient to get a look!

I've been working with denim the past few nights.  Not for rugs, but for blanket quilts.

This blanket is for my nephew.  He's lives up in Canada and his older brother and sister are already in hockey.  He's jealous, so when I found this fun hockey themed flannel, I had to get it!  It's a simple big stripe pattern with the denim and it went together quickly.  I machine quilted the swirly loop de loops reminiscent of someone skating about randomly.

Tonite I whipped up a ruff'n'ready blanket for a friends baby.  He is their first little cowboy and will spend time in barns, trucks and who knows where else, so this sturdy denim blanket will work well for him, I think.  It's been awhile since I tied a quilt.  I've gotten spoiled having a long arm quilting machine available to use.

From the weather reports we are once again in line for some 'weather'.  Sounds like some freezing rain/snow mix, you know, those messy kind of storms?  

Quiet here tonite - the daughter has gone over to her dad's to get in some tv time.  She is not used to being without cable, or even network stations.  I've gotten used to having only the 3 public stations, but I do feel deprived at times.  She has been cleaning and cooking while I'm at work.  It's nice to come home to a cleaner and yummy smelling house! 


  1. I hope you had a good Christmas !!! I can't wait to see that runner you are working on. Those colors look great! Those quilts are so great !! Watch out for all that nasty weather!! We had snow have in AL on Christmas Day.. Happy New Year !

  2. Like that warp! I love doing colorful warps like that. Mixing up the colors is fun, and it's always a surprise to see how nice it looks when you get it off the loom.

    It's been pretty mild here the past few days with temps in the 30's. But the cold weather is headed back with a vengeance--wind chills of -15 on Saturday!

  3. I love the demin quilts! Are you sewing pant legs as they are? Or are you squaring them up first?


  4. Yes, Michelle, the pants legs are squared up first. I rip out the fronts and backs from the jeans and then go from there. These quilts were last minute/don't have much time quilts so I didn't cut them down much at all- big pieces. I find they go together better if I get them squared up with the grain. They don't have too much stretch then and stay 'truer', if that's a word!