Thursday, December 23, 2010

Procrastinate much?

I went off to work today - the only one in my office!  Everyone else had been told to stay home.  They even handed me a key last night and said to let myself in... Hmmm... Newest and lowest paid employee going to work while everyone else gets time off.  Unpaid, but still!  I guess they trust me...

By the time first morning break rolled around, they had decided ( my supervisor is actually about 130 miles away from me) decided that we might as well go on home, no one was working but us.  We had the choice to stick it out till noon or leave at break. 

I left at break.

So today I am doing some catch up... as per usual...  Paid some bills and balanced the checkbook - Did a little cleaning - Wrapped a few gifts and decided what to do about some I am not getting due to backorders - and then realized I still hadn't gotten around to taking care of my youngest nephew's birthday gift. 

His birthday is the 30th.   Of December.  

He is due a denim blanket quilt made by me.  His sister and brother have theirs already. 

So I spent a little time getting some jeans processed.

The pile on the left is for rugs - they are stained and holey.  The pile on the right is what I'll pick from for the blanket. 

I think I'll have enough jeans on hand to get it accomplished :)   All those boxes are jeans - the one in the back are black and the colored ones are in a different pile.  I'm going to stop ripping out the leg strips now and get to work on that dang blanket, but I will get thru this entire pile before I start the next batch of jean rugs. 

It's a messy job, but someone has to do it!  Think I can get my girls to help me????

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