Sunday, December 5, 2010

Snow snow snow

Please ignore the "schmutz" on my pictures... yes - my windows are dirty... 

It's winter - can you tell?

Oh, to have it still be summer or fall!

I just got in from doing the inaugural snowblowing.
I found lots of rocks.

It's one of those days that it is really hard to SEE.
The snow and the sky are the same color - and even the light seems to be that same shade.

No shadows, I guess.

It would be a good day to snuggle in for a movie and popcorn...  But I gotta go put the rugs and stuff back on display at the store.

I came home a handfull of rugs lighter, which always helps.  I also sold a Christmas colored table runner and some of those wild and wooly Santa ornaments.  I had a decent day for the type of show it was.

Tires a person out tho.  All that hauling.  All that displaying.  All that selling.  And then more hauling :)

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