Sunday, December 12, 2010

Sunday afternoon

These bunny tracks caught my eye today.

Weird, huh?  Before this last blizzard, there was a good 6 inches of snow on this spot where a bunny passed by.  In the back of my mind I was aware of those tracks but they didn't make much of an impression.

But the wind blew and blew -- scouring away at the snow.

Usually the tracks fill in and there is no trace of the "tracker"...  but this time it was the surroundings that faded away.

Kind of like how I feel some days - Work and work and nobody- including myself- taking notice of accomplishment because it all gets filled in with the next thing on the list.

Could be I need to remember that those "tracks" I make as I make my way thru life make an impression somewhere - and under the right conditions they will be clearly seen again.

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