Saturday, December 11, 2010


Today I was going to be demonstrating some scarf weaving at the local Frontier Christmas event.  

This is what it looks like outside....

Or at least shortly after 8 am.  It's much worse now.

South Dakotans are hardy - but not dumb.  This is the first time in history that this event has been postponed.

My pickup said it's 3degrees actual temp.  Supposed to go down into the 15-20 below range tonite. 

That's actual temp folks.  What makes this dangerous is that wind.  

It's HOWLING out there.

I'm going to go shortly and unload my stuff back into the store and then coming home and digging in to do some work around the house.  

I've got a big enough list to pick from so I won't be bored!


  1. I lived in SD for about seven years, so I'm very familiar with the weather there. Speaking from experience, getting caught in a whiteout is no joke. So it's good that they postponed it. Stay warm!

  2. I cannot begin to imagine. We get gusts without those temps which I wouldn't want to think about if the world were flat, which it isn't here.