Saturday, December 18, 2010

My view for the day...

A rescheduled event is always iffy.

All went well - thank goodness.

Typical cold ---  the wind was very light and only some snow flurries.  Much better than last week!

Here's my little setup.  I took just a few things along with my Structo, some fringed rugs to tie and my square potholder loom.   The structo was a fascinating thing to quite a few people...

If not for the cold - I would have been doing something like this instead...

Bobsled rides!
...  I really need to get my sleigh out and go for a drive!


  1. I like your setup !!! I love the SNOW!!!

  2. Nice set-up! Your display looks great. People are just fascinated to see somebody weaving, and those little table looms are always interesting.

    You have a bobsled? How COOL! We could have used it around here last week. It's in the 20's here, but it doesn't seem that cold. Guess when the wind's not blowing at 50 mph, it makes a difference!