Saturday, January 1, 2011


We had quite the blizzard...

The weather started mid Thursday and continued on until the sun came out Sunday noon.

Of course it waxed and waned some during that time, but man was it icky!

Check the drift behind the windbreak.  That's the deal with this flat country.  Wind.  And wherever there is a "break" the snow gets dumped. 

Somehow these pictures just don't quite show how much snow there is here...  These are chest high drifts - Leah dug a pathway out from the water spigot to carry some water to the horses.  They chose to go without pretty much the entire storm - they chose to stay out of the wind instead - they drank good today.

Here's a pic that might help with the total effect.  Can you tell there is a car there?  Behind the post?

Leah and I dug out a hay bale and got the horses a good feed - They will need it tonite.  It's gonna be cold.  Thank goodness the temp stayed up during the worst of the wind.  It would have been REALLY bad then.

I spent more than several hours out with the snowblower.  I got us out to go to town to refill gas cans, and just get OUT.   Didn't clean it up perfectly - but this chica was TIRED.

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  1. Ugh, that snow is hard as cement, too, when the wind blows it into drifts. I don't envy you all that work!

    And then when the snow stops, the bottom drops out of the thermometer. I love South Dakota, and it's a beautiful state, but it's a hard place to live in.