Saturday, January 15, 2011

Change of pace

Saturday and I didn't have a job to go to, a craft fair to attend, or one of the kids' events either. 

What to do?

Worry not - there is always something to do -  today was Block Party Quilters day!  I belong to this group of ladies who meet once a month to have show and tell, socialize, and on occasion learn a new tip or "do" something together.  

Originally today was going to be a shop hop.  They were going to spend the day making a loop into North Dakota to go to a quilt shop or two and enjoy the day.  The weatherman made them change their minds about getting on the road - wind and snow.  Again.  So instead we spent the day together working on our own projects.

Remember the quilt class I told you I had helped instruct at?  I dug out that little project and managed to get enough blocks put together today.  Planning a dark blue lattice between all the blocks. 

I promised not to buy a sliver of material for this quilt. I would only use scraps and leftovers from other projects.  I started with a box of red, white, blue and gold fabrics. The blocks aren't always a "true" representation of the traditional block I started out making, but it'll be fun when it's done.

Maybe I'll get some of the lattice work done yet tonight.  We'll see.

I didn't just have fun today - I also did some sheetrock mending in the dining room and did some laundry.  You know?  I don't know when I would find time to be bored...

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