Wednesday, January 5, 2011

No new pictures

 I've got no new pictures for you guys to look at today... but my daughter does.  She started her own blog at the beginning of the year, and it's all based on photos.  If you wish, take a look!  She has always had an eye for photography and I enjoy her unique views that she captures.

I've been crazy busy this week with work and doing end of year paperwork for the rug business.  Leah and I did end of year inventory last night and I did the state sales tax reporting and check writing.  Now that's done and ready for when it's time to take care of the federal ones...

I haven't woven in a few days - I always miss it, but I tend to treat it like my horse riding.  I love it so much it feels like entertainment.  Problem is I was raised to do your work before you go off and do the "fun stuff".  Makes it difficult to really enjoy because I've learned there is always WORK to be done.  I've also been doing the ceramic tile floor in my entry - I'm short on some of the materials, so am on hold for a bit.

Tomorrow I'm leaving work mid morning to attend the memorial service of a wonderful man.  The husband of a former boss, turned friend, lost his fight with ALS.  Too young - 57 - leaves behind the love of his life and a son who is in jr. high.  Oh how I ache for my friend Kay and her son.  It will be a sad day - Kay is determined that this will be a celebration of his life and I'm going to do what I can to help with that.  She has already asked if I will help her turn his clothing into rugs.  She doesn't think she could bear to give them to the Salvation Army or throw them away.  I am honored to help her with that when she is ready.

Anyway, this is all for me tonite - don't forget to check out the pics on Leah's blog  (I'm a proud mom, can't you tell?)


  1. So sorry to hear about your friend. Life is too short sometimes. That's a great idea to make memory rugs from his clothing.

    I hear you about feeling like you have to get all your work done before you can weave! I struggle with that, too. I have to treat it as "work," too, since I plan to earn some income from it. I need to decide that I'll spend a couple of hours weaving in the morning, before I can get distracted with other stuff. Of course it helps if you can ignore the floor that needs vacuuming or the bathroom that needs cleaning!

  2. OK - I am so with you on the "not letting myself do the stuff I love to do until the work is done". I am trying to convince myself that the work truly never is done (OH WELL!!!), and I need to allow myself to do the things I love to do. What a great idea to make rugs from Wayne's clothing.