Monday, January 31, 2011

Not all fun and games!

After starting my day with a little bit of humorous play, I actually got some things accomplished.  

It took me a bit to get going - I'm not used to this being home all day!

Some weaving got done - still doing tablerunners...

Some blue jeans got rough ripped - and yes that is a dvd player.  A person needs some entertainment while doing this highly technical job, LOL.

And, no, I'm not even close to being done rough ripping.  
Not even halfway thru the jeans I have on hand.

And I just got in from blowing away some pretty good sized drifts.  And I mean, BLOWING away.  I just had to throw it up in the air and it was gone.   As you can tell, the wind is still blowing so my guess is that this drift will be there to greet me in the morning again!  Ugh... It's supposed to be -25 by morning.

It's good to be inside and warm.  
If only I had someone to share the evening with.

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