Monday, January 31, 2011

Snow day and a little fun!

So today we are having a snow and wind event, AGAIN.

I busted my way out to work, and turned around and came back home again after checking in there.  Why did I go in to work?  Once on this road you are committed and by then I was almost there-  From the amount of snow and wind I knew I best get home.  Glad I came when I did.  Not even an hour later and it was hard to tell anyone had come thru and there were a couple of hood high drifts already to bust thru.

 I really should be weaving, BUT,  I felt the need-

Time for a Fashion Show!

Cooper modeling the latest in recycled sweater couture.  This is a nice warm sweater that he rocks!

.... this one may be a bit small.

Cooper expressing his feminine side....

This sweater would be good for casual Friday's at work...hmm?



 And that is all, folks.  There were more sweaters in the pile, but someone must have sent over the wrong size.  Too small!

And then I thought maybe the cats would enjoy the added warmth and got in touch with Harry to have him try them on...

Not impressed.


  1. Cooper is obviously enjoying all his new sweaters. Harry, on the other hand, is ANOTHER story completely! I laughed so hard when I saw the look on his face. He knows darn right well we're all laughing at him, too. Too much fun!